Nikon MM-200

Nikon MM-200-mittamikroskooppi

Nikon's MM-200 Measuring Microscope is compact and lightweight with an affordable price for all who require precision and accuracy for measuring a variety of metal, plastic, and electronic parts in all industries; especially automotive and electronics. This powerful microscope is especially designed and engineered with the machining engineers and inspectors in mind.

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Nikon MM-400/800

Nikon MM-800LU-mittamikroskooppi

The MM400/800 are innovative measuring microscopes designed for industrial measurement and image analysis. They integrate key performance features delivering complete digital control for maximum measuring accuracy in demanding industrial environments. The systems support a host of new and expanded features including Nikon's electronic connection hub connection that provides total integration of microscope peripherals managed by Nikon's EMAX metrology software.

  • Data Processor; The DP-E1 Data Processor is compact, yet easy to use. For quick measurements and data processing you can place the read-out display near the eyepiece while the control pad is placed at your fingertips. The DP-E1's seamless interface to a PC platform makes it easy to perform computations and management of your measurement results.
  • New 12x8 Stage for Large Workpieces (MM-800 only); An enhanced body design using Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) for stress analysis enables the mounting of a larger stage to accommodate larger workpieces. A 300 x 200mm (12 x 8 in) stroke stage can be mounted to the MM-800. Nikon MM800 12x8 stage
  • Versatile Configurations; The design of the MM-400/800 series measuring microscope has been revamped to provide users with increased flexibility in choosing modules for system configurations. The system can be configured according to your needs, using the extra long toolmaker's objectives (1x to 100x) or the universal system configuration using microscope objectives on a revolving turret. Also the construction of the entire microscope boasts improved rigidity, and offers large high accuracy digital stages. Nikon's legendary construction maintains its excellent reliability and measurement accuracy over years of heavy use.
  • 3rd-party DRO Connectable (S Models); The MM-400S, SL and MM-800S, SL models were created for use with Metronics Quadra-Chek and other 3rd-party digital readouts. They offer an economical alternative if non-Nikon data processors are used.
  • E-MAX Data Processing Software; Digital image measuring performance of the E-MAX software has been upgraded. Combined with Nikon's digital camera and measuring microscope, the system achieves digital image measurements with precision never before possible.
  • Nikon E-MAX software
  • TTL Laser Autofocus; These are the first measuring microscopes to offer an optional TTL Laser Auto-Focus. This Laser AF system features a 0.5 second focusing speed with a repeatability as high as 0.5µm (20x objective 0.75µm spot diameter).
  • Focusing Aid (FA); The newly developed split-prism Focusing Aid (FA) delivers sharp patterns to allow accurate focusing during Z-axis measurements. Measurement errors due to differences in the depth of focus of different objectives are minimized.
  • Built-in Continuous Light Control
  • 8-Segment LED Ring Light CYN-E1; This ring light enables illumination control from eight directions. It can be computer controlled using E-Max software for measuring repeatability. LED ring light CYN-E1
  • Motorized Z-Axis Movement (LM Model Stands); A motorized vertical movement mechanism with a 10mm/sec. speed has been incorporated. Up/down control is accurately provided with a dedicated controller. MM400/800 motorized z-axis movement
  • MM Controller Backpack Interface; Illumination, X/Y stage and Z data can be connected to the MM Controller as an interface to an external computer running E-MAX software for data processing and system control.
  • White LED Illuminator; High intensity white LED illuminators are provided standard for surface and contour illumination. This illuminator features no bulb replacement and constant color temperature, enabling measurement with high-precision and efficiency. For the universal type (except FA), a newly designed 12V/50W halogen light is included. Brightness has been substantially improved, particularly at high magnifications.
  • Different Stands to Fit the Function; You can select what you need without paying for what you don“t. MM400/800 stands for use with Nikon readouts and Emax Data processing software have their encoder boards built-in. S series stands are for use with 3d party Data Processors (Metronics Quadra Check) and are less expensive. Stands which require Z Axis height measurement are designated with "L" (Linear Encoder) and stands which have motorized Z Axis height are designated with "LM" (Linear Encoder & Motorized).

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Nikon V-12B Profile Projector

Nikon V-12B-profiiliprojektori

These projectors feature a 12" diameter screen and accept larger stages with higher accuracy thanks to the movable head during focusing. They are also completely user-friendly, complete with a built-in digital XY counter and digital protractor counter. What's more, the V-12B lets you easily view erect images, making the profile projector easier than ever to operate.

  • Large Stage Mountable; The V-12B adopts a focusing mechanism that achieves focus by moving the objective head up and down, allowing stages with longer cross travel to be mounted. When the 10x6 stage is used, the projector can measure areas as wide as 250 x 150mm.
  • Adjustable Base Feet; Because the rigidity of the instrument has been increased, workpieces as tall as 100mm can be loaded.
  • Projection Lenses; Three projection lenses can be mounted to the rotary turret at one time. All projection lenses, 5x to 500x, boast high resolution and minimal distortion, while their working distances are longer than competitive lenses.
  • Four-step Zooming Condenser Lens; When contour illumination is used, this condenser lens delivers the right amount of light to suit the magnification of the projection lens selected. The DIA condensor must be used with this lens when the magnification is 200x or 500x.
  • Switchable Vertical/Oblique Illumination; The built-in surface illuminator can be switched between vertical and oblique illumination, making detection of edges in resin parts and other workpieces much easier.
  • Erect Images; Projection images are erect and unreversed for easy measurements, and their quality is as sharp as inverted images.
  • Built-in Digital Counter and Protractor; The V-12 Series features 4 models. The V-12BDC and 12BSC types come with a digital XY counter, while the V-12BDC and V-12BD types have a built-in digital protractor for greater ease-of-use.

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Nikon V-20B Profile Projector

Nikon V-20B-profiiliprojektori

With improved image brightness and resolution, the V-20B delivers images with excellent clarity, while enabling observation in a comfortable posture. It features a large effective screen diameter of 500mm and includes a built-in digital counter and digital protractor.

  • Built-in Digital Counter and Protractor; The V-20B comes standard with a built-in digital counter and protractor, making this one of Nikon's most advanced comparators.
  • Five types of projection lenses available for V-20B: 5x field of view 100mm, 10x field of view 50mm, 20x field of view 25mm, 50x field of view 10mm, 100x field of view 5mm.
  • Workpieces Up To 20kg Measurable; The stage up/down movement unit is rigidly built, and if the 10 x 6 stage is used, workpieces as heavy as 20kg can be loaded. The measurable range has been increased to 250 x 150 mm.
  • Parfocal Projection Lenses; All projection lenses have the same parfocal distance and feature long working distances. The built-in half mirror eliminates the need to adjust illumination each time the magnifcation is changed. With improved image brightness and resolution, the V-20B delivers images with excellent quality, while enabling observation in a comfortable posture by rectifying the eye-point height.
  • Designed to Measure Heavy Workpieces; The stage up/down focusing and the 10x6 stage are designed to handle the load of workpieces as heavy as 20kg while maintaining measuring accuracy tolerances.

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Nikon on johtava optisten instrumenttien valmistaja. Yhtiö on perustettu Japanissa vuonna 1917. Yli 90-vuotisen toimintansa aikana Nikon on kehittänyt edistyneitä ja tinkimättömän laadukkaita mikroskooppeja ja muita optisia laitteita.
Tänä päivänä Nikon Metrology tarjoaa laajan tuotevalikoiman mikroskopia- ja mittalaitteissa.

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