SMZ25 ja SMZ18
  • SMZ25 has world's largest zoom range; An innovative optical system known as Perfect Zoom System provides the world's first zoom ratio of 25:1 (zoom range: 0.63x - 15.75x). Even with a 1x objective lens, the SMZ25 captures the entire 35mm dish and simultaneously delivers microscopic details. The zoom ratio of SMZ18 is 18:1 (zoom range: 0.75x - 13.5x). SMZ25 stereomicroscope  provides world's highest zoom range
  • Nikon's newly developed objective lens series, the SHR Plan Apo series, offers a high resolution of 1100LP/mm (Observed value, using SHR Plan Apo 2x at maximum zoom). The new SHR Plan Apo series of lenses deliver brilliant images with true-to-life colors. Nikon SHR Plan APO series for SMZ25 / 18 stereomicroscopes
Comparison of resolution and color aberration by resolution chart:
Comparison of resolution conventional and SHR Plan APO
  • Enhanced brightness and uniform illumination in low magnification range; The SMZ25 series is the first stereo microscope in the world to use a fly-eye lens on an epi-fluorescence attachment. This innovative design ensures bright and uniform illumination even at low magnifications, resulting in uncompromised uniformity in brightness across a large field of view. Enhanced Brightness for SMZ25/SMZ18 stereomicroscopes
  • Nikon's newly developed optical system offers a drastic improvement in S/N ratio even at high magnifications. This improved S/N ratio makes it possible to capture cell division, which is difficult using conventional stereo microscopes, and samples with low excitation light. Crystal Clear Images with SMZ25 / SMZ 18 stereomicroscopes
  • Zoom body with significant improvements in optical performance; Nikon has succeeded in improving the signal and reducing noise in fluorescent images by using a short wavelength, high transmission lens. Combined with an innovative epi-fluorescence attachment, the SMZ18/25 is better able to detect excitation light than conventional fluorescent stereo microscopes. Electronics sample images SMZ25 / SMZ 18 stereomicroscopes
  • A wide range of digital imaging capabilities with the Digital Sight Series DS-L3 and NIS-Elements imaging software Nikon Digital Sight Series DS-L3 and NIS-Elements imaging software
  • Easy-to-use OCC illumination; The new LED DIA Base with a built-in OCC illuminator generates minimal heat, consumes little power and is long-life. This illuminator can enhance the contrast of uneven surfaces. The OCC illuminator can be controlled using a slide lever. Thanks to scales on the slide lever, the user can save and reproduce desired illumination levels. In addition, an OCC plate can be inserted into the illumination unit from the front and rear sides, so images with different shadow direction can be observed. Easy-to-use OCC illumination  for SMZ25 / SMZ 18 stereomicroscopes
  • The acronym OCC stands for oblique coherent contrast (OCC), which is a form of oblique lighting method developed by Nikon. Compared to conventional diascopic illumination that illuminates directly from below, OCC illumination applies coherent light to samples in a diagonal direction, giving contrast to colorless and transparent sample structures.
  • User-friendly remote controller (SMZ25) provides easy access to zoom and focus controls and is designed for both right and left hand use. The remote controller contains an LCD monitor with an adjustable backlight which provides information regarding the zoom factor, objective lens, filter cube, and LED DIA brightness at a glance. User Friendly  Remote Control SMZ25 stereomicroscope

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Nikon on johtava optisten instrumenttien valmistaja. Yhtiö on perustettu Japanissa vuonna 1917. Yli 90-vuotisen toimintansa aikana Nikon on kehittänyt aina edistyneempiä ja tinkimättömän laadukkaita mikroskooppeja ja muita optisia laitteita.
Tänä päivänä Nikon Metrology tarjoaa laajan tuotevalikoiman kuvantamis- ja mittalaitteissa.

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