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The iSolution family of software helps you keep pace with today's rapidly changing digital technology. This exceptional software technology and leading image analysis tool will streamline image capture, measurement and enhancement, while improving the accuracy of you results.

All versions combine revolutionary measurement and analysis technology with an exceptional, user-friendly interface. Become an expert in image analysis and optimize your work environment with this imaging software suite.

  • iSolution DT; The most comprehensive image analysis application in the iSolution suite, iSolution DT-L is the program focused on core material science applications. iSolution DT has all features for various science and inspection applications. iSolution DT-M is the motorized stage control application version having all features of iSolution DT.
  • i-Solution; i-Solution is a high-end imaging solution that offers all the standard image analysis tools, plus additional, ground-breaking features, like fluorescent image composition, and automatic count and size functions.
  • iSolution Lite; iSolution Lite is a streamlined version of the i-Solution image analysis application and features the latest in acquisition, analysis and reporting functionality, including digital live measurement, image stitching, fluorescent image composition, fast and perfect focus enhancement, a time lapse capture tool for video, and quick, easy reporting of measurement data and statistics.
focus enhancement

Image Acquisition

iSolution family of software is designed to receive images directly from various hardware sources. Keeping in tune with today’s rapidly changing digital camera technology, you can directly control digital cameras. IMT software also supports TWAIN and WDM Drivers along with a wide variety of frame grabbers and i-LINK from Sony. The Time Lapse Capture tool offers accurate time interval analysis for video production for both analog and digital cameras. Movie recordings can be saved in AVI, MPG, MPEG, and MOV file formats. The time is also captured during recording.

Live Measurement and Overlay

Measuring and analyzing high volumes of images can take a long time. With live measurement you don’t need to capture images in order to perform measurements. This will allow you to measure, analyze, sort and manage image statistics all from a Live Preview window. In addition, you can import measured data, images, statistical tables and diagrams into MS Excel in real time. You can perform these high-speed live measurements using both CCD and high resolution digital cameras. Crosshair generation and grid mask on the live preview window according to the calibrated scale are also available

Large Size Object Measurement

Until now, users could only measure images within the Field of View (FOV). To measure outside the FOV various measurement stages (including linear scale) were needed. The iSolution DT Image Analyzer overcomes this limitation and offers new, advanced tools for image measurement. The Image Analyzer software tracks an objects movements within the image at high-speeds, then uses the results to automatically extrapolate the distance between the two objects. Expensive, time-consuming measurement stages previously used to measure samples exceeding the full screen size are no longer required. IMT (Image & Microscope Technology) has patent in this technology.

iSolution large object measurement

Calibration (Auto, Manual)

All measurements start with an accurate calibration. Auto, Semi-Auto calibration functions allow the software to calculate the pixelsper- unit value automatically. Only setting the unit for the calibration scale and the minimum distance between the scale marks is needed. This feature greatly improves the accuracy and repetition of measurements. Manual calibrations are easily added and saved for recall from a drop down menu.

Microscope Focus Enhancement

Samples with curves or of varying heights are difficult to bring into focus under highly magnified conditions. IMT software combines many images using different levels of focus to provide one seamless image. This function leaves no trace of the composites and can even create perfectly focused images from Stereo Microscopes.

iSolution Auto Edge Detector

Auto Edge Detector

iSolution DT automatically detects the edge of any object being measured, including lines, points, circles, boxes, and arcs.

Image Stitching

With IMT software you can create auto composites of continuously captured images in order to minimize the reduction in the FOV that typically comes with increased magnification.Combined images display no trace of former edges, and any irregularities in the brightness of the images are automatically corrected.

Fluorescent Image Composition

iSolution DT and i-Solution can create a perfect composite image of fluorescent images captured through mono channel filters and features a variety of methods, including Add, Mask, and Mean. This allows composites of colour images to create multi-channel image effects in addition to black and white images.

Movie File Production

All versions feature a Time Lapse Capture function that supports CCD and digital cameras using TIF, BMP and JPG file formats. The Time Lapse Capture function also includes an Auto Save feature. You can save video movie recordings in AVI, MPG, MPEG, and MOV formats. When recording video, the elapsed time of the image is also captured so you can recheck the capture time when reproducing the video image.

iSolution Movie file production

Objects Editing

IMT software features a very special tool set for improving the accuracy of object counting and measuring. Included is a full complement of morphological operations such as erode, dilate, open, close and more. In addition, a wide variety of filters can be applied that allow further editing, powerful tools such as separation and editing of the attached objects, limiting objects to be counted based on size, intensity and many other parameters.


IMT software features versatile measurement tools for measuring lengths, areas, and angles and can auto detect an object’s outline and then make specified measurements. The software is equipped with all the measurement functions you will ever need, including 3-point circle functionality, N-point circle measurement functionality, parallel line distance measurement, perpendicular distance measurement, object distance measurement, as well as auto object outline trace. In addition, a zoom-in window can be used to determine the accurate measuring point of an object. Once you’ve measured a specimen, you can easily export all of the images, measurement data and statistics to an Excel file.

Count and Size

With iSolution DT and i-Solution you can auto-detect specific objects within an image in order to find the total number of objects in the image and extract the data. Software offers a variety of measurement tools that allow you to easily measure an object’s area and perimeter. ddition, iSolution DT and i-Solution feature automatic output of statistics, sorting of measured data objects, creation of data tables for images, auto revision of extracted objects, auto separation of composite objects, auto image and data import to Excel.


iSolution DT automatically calculates Optical Density (OD) by absolute and relative figures, semiautomatically, or manually based on user configuration. Images and OD figures can then be exported directly to an MS PowerPoint file.

Phase Analysis and Advanced Threshold

With iSolution DT you can conduct phase analysis on an entire image or within a specified Region of Interest (ROI) and you can sort images using Gray Scale, RGB, HSB or YUV. In addition, you can automatically or manually manipulate images using Fill Holes and a Removing & Adding Objects tool during the thresholding stage of phase analysis. Because you can manipulate images during the thresholding stage rather than after it, your phase analysis will be more accurate. All results of phase analysis are displayed simultaneously as statistical data and in chart form. You can also export images, object data, statistical data, and charts directly to an Excel file.

Ferrite in Cast Iron

Percent Ferrite is calculated by excluding the graphite area. Graphite can be sorted for calculation including portions with the same gray intensity value of the background pearlite.

Grain Size Measurement (ASTM E1382)

iSolution DT provides the standard measurement environment for structural analysis of metal and materials. The analysis ASTM E1382 provides environment with both Line Intercept methods as well as Planimetric counting methods. Due to accurate Edge Detect algorithms, iSolution DT provides both automatic and manual measurement environments. Grain size statistics as well as images with grain sized data and images with grain overlays are generated.

iSolution Phase Analysis and Advanced Threshold

Cell Count and Intensity Analysis

iSolution DT and i-Solution provide automatic cell number counting per unit area. The volume of specific protein in a cell is calculated by the volume of intensity.

Stereometry for Biovolume

3D volume of an object is calculated by 2D measuring parameters. It helps to estimate 3D volume for any life form which hardly keeps a fixed shape.

3D Visualization

Three-dimensional pictures are created based on the brightness of normal images. This creates a better visualization of the surface through the realization of 3D images and rotating observation of 360 degrees on the XYZ axis.

Data Collector

IMT software provides the data collection function for acquiring, storing, accumulating and statically treating data from one or several image documents. Data on an image cannot be deemed the data for all the specimens being observed under a microscope. The data collector function solves these problems and it automatically provides data among images or after collecting the statistical data based on the requests of users. As its statistical data on the entire test pieces may add reliability to the study results.


Macro is very useful to record and re-implement repeating works. The macro function enables users to execute the whole process at once with a single mouse click by recording the performance of repeating functions.

iSolution Macro

IMT iSolution Quick-ScanTM

IMT iSolution Quick-ScanTM is an intuitive motorized stage control system which automates many of the powerful applications tools available with I-Soutions software.

Click here for more info about Quick-Scan

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