Mega Speed HHC and MS


Mega Speed MS140K
Typical uses are 1080P high definition or wide format high speed applications from 1000 fps to 50 000 fps
Maximum image size is 1920 x 1080 with recording speeds of 3600 fps at full resolution
Maximum camera speed is 175 000 fps fps at reduced resolutions
The minimum image size is 1920 x 8
Outputs live preview images back to the control PC while recording to the cameras internal high speed RAM
The high speed image files are recorded in a circular buffer ready to be downloaded after the high speed capture ends
Comes with standard 32 GB on board memory storage
“F” mount optical interface
Gig E ready
Maximum CAT 6 cable length is 300 ft from the camera to the control PC
Available with fibre optic interface for PC connections out to 60 KM
Can be used in most “stand-alone armed” applications without a control PC connection

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Mega Speed Corporation on kanadalainen suurnopeuskamerajärjestelmien valmistaja, jonka ratkaisut ovat laajasti käytössä teollisuusyrityksissä, korkeakouluissa ja tutkimuslaitoksissa eri puolilla maailmaa.

Mega Speed Corporation

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